Sure, I talk about Whataburger a lot here. I mean, how can you not love the Texas burger maker with those iconic orange and white stripes? Whataburger is great and I will always love it. The other thing I have always said is that there are better burgers than Whataburger. A burger that I believe is better than Whataburger comes from Jucys Hamburgers. What makes their burgers even better is that they are an East Texas owned business. Fans of Jucys will be sad to know that the iconic original location in Longview, Texas is going to close, just not forever.

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Jucys Hamburgers in Longview

At the corner of Highway 80 and Spur 63 in Longview sits the original location of Jucys Hamburgers. A lot has changed around it since it opened in 1980 but the burgers have always been great. The announcement was made Tuesday, August 15 that that original location is going to close on Monday, August 21 "for a much-anticipated remodel." They are asking folks to come by between now and then and get your nostalgia fix before they reopen in a few months with a new look.

Although there will be fresh paint and new floors, the memories of this East Texas landmark since 1980 remain. - Jucys Hamburgers

Remodel Details

As far as what all will be changed, that's not clear. Maybe it's as simple as fresh paint and new floors as is said in their Facebook post or it could be as big as new dining tables and a new kitchen. We will all have to find out when the store reopens once the remodel is complete in a few months.

You can't change out that griddle, though, it is nice and seasoned with 40 plus years of great tasting burgers. There's something to be said for having that flavor in your burger.

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