Jamie Lee Curtis is no stranger to reprising past roles. And if it were up to her, she'd love to revisit her role in Freaky Friday.

While in Mexico City to promote her most recent movie, Halloween Ends, Curtis shared she would be open to making another Freaky Friday movie with co-star Lindsay Lohan.

"Lindsay Lohan and I are friends ... Lindsay Lohan and I text. She texted me the other day, she's in Ireland making [her new Netflix movie Irish Wish]," she said.

When asked if she would be open to exploring the story of Freaky Friday further in a sequel, Curtis quipped, "Anyway, Freaky Friday remake? Absolutely."

Watch the clip from her press tour below:

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Curtis revealed that while she has a strong relationship with Lohan, she tests her fellow actress to make sure "it's not a phishing scam" every time they have contact with one another.

"The test for her was, 'What was the song that you and I were trying to learn the rap [that's] in the middle of the song while we were sitting in the car doing the scene while we were eating French fries?'" Curtis recalled.

"The answer is the Justin Timberlake song 'Like I Love You' ... she and I were playing the tape, then we'd go back and rewind, the two of us were writing the lyrics to that whole rap in the car in Freaky Friday," she revealed.

Released in 2003, Freaky Friday stars Curtis and Lohan as mother-daughter who switch bodies. Upon its release, Freaky Friday was a huge success. Made on a $26 million budget, the film earned $160.8 million at the box office.

The film was also a critical success. Curtis was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in the 2000s comedy.

Following their starring roles in Freaky Friday, Lohan appeared in Mean Girls, while Curtis appeared in a string of comedies, such as Christmas With the Kranks.

Curtis recently returned to her iconic role as Laurie Strode in the Halloween franchise.

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