If you are looking for a good paranormal experience in East Texas, the Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson, Texas is your spot. The hotel is known for it's many haunted stories. Those stories have been about shirts getting tugged, bananas getting thrown, a disembodied voice cussing at a cross and a whole lot more. This latest video shows a doll that is displayed in a case on the wall move on it's own. Was it trying to get out?

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Ghost Cussing at a Cross

The Jefferson Hotel has many haunted stories to tell. One story we brought you was of a guest walking through the hotel carrying a spirit box. This box is designed to hopefully capture a ghost's voice. This guest walked up the stairs into a area that is dubbed as the religious room. As you get to the top of the stairs to enter the room, there is a cross on a stand. As the guest approached that cross, you can hear through the spirit box "f@#& the cross." Hearing this very much frightens the woman to the point she lets out a loud scream and then runs down the hallway.

Moving Doll

The Jefferson Hotel is no stranger to dolls moving on their own. There actually is a room dedicated to various dolls. One story we told you about was of a doll that stood against the wall next to the bed in that room. In video captured by a hotel guest, that doll appears to move, stop, move again, stop, then fall to the floor. Its a little unnerving watching that video.

Playful Ghost

Another ghost was being playful in the kitchen area of the hotel. This ghost felt the need to rearrange part of the prep area. It must not have liked the position of the box of crackers, butter and some bananas. First a box is thrown to the floor, then a box of crackers and a tub of butter are moved followed by some bananas being moved around then tossed to the floor.

Doll Moves in It's Case

For this latest video, which I have down below for you to see, there is a doll that is known as Eddie the Living Doll that is displayed in a case on the wall. As you'll see in the video, the doll moves forward, stops, moves forward again, stops and then leans forward into the glass. Was this doll trying to get out? Was a ghost buddy wanting to pay with him? We'll never know.

Could be gravity. You Never Know. - Jefferson Hotel Owner Commenting on Doll Moving in It's Case

All we do know is that a stay at the Jefferson Hotel is always full of surprises. Those surprises could be from harmless orbs to blood curdling screams from nowhere to messages left on mirrors. Book a stay one weekend and see what you could encounter.

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