Remember when we were first put on a lockdown? Remember how sad we all got? Some of us gained weight others decided to go work out any way we could. One thing that kept me going was my Glam Squad. The Zoom meetings we had paired well with some adult beverages, and the hangouts had me laughing and it felt like I was spending time with friends even though we weren't able to be in the same room. We were all several miles away, but we grew closer as a group. I genuinely believe wonderful friendships will help us get through this pandemic. Unfortunately, our Glam Squad Zoom calls have slowed down dramatically, and I was left with a "now what?" feeling.

Madison Payne
Madison Payne

Luckily I conned my friend Zach into watching a chick flick with me. Yes, I know he's a gem. Ladies, he is very much single. Check out his photo above, yes he's the only guy in our crew, however, I like to think I am helping him prepare for his next relationship. He needs to understand sometimes you watch something you are not interested in because she asked you to.

Zach and I both hit play at the same time and messaged back and forth about the movie. We laughed, we mocked the movie it felt like we were in the same room. The next night I was eager to watch another movie. Since then it has turned into cook dinner, pick a movie, and settle in. Yup, I try to finish everything in time to get to the couch to watch a movie. It's okay because I have something to look forward to again.

No, I'm not getting dressed up to go out to dinner, I'm getting in my comfy clothes and yelling at the T.V. Am I losing my mind? Maybe. Am I having a blast doing it alongside a friend? Yeah!

If you're struggling right now. I encourage you to find a friend and start watching RomComs. Your heart will thank you.

Here are some of the movies we have watched so far:

"Just Go With It"

"Failure to Launch" 

"Country Strong"

"Dear John"

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