One thing I have never taken the time to get into is table top role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons or Warhammer or trading card games like Pokemon or Magic The Gathering. I can certainly see the fun in these games. The work players put into their figures is amazing, too. Fans of these genres in Kilgore now have a new place to play these games called Dragon's Nest. Let's take a look.

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Places like this DO NOT get the proper recognition that they deserve. Sure, it's a niche bit of entertainment but it's a piece of entertainment that is growing in East Texas. Plus, it is locally owned and operated by who I would think are huge fans, themselves, so that just super serves the enthusiasts even more.

There is a great video on the Dragon's Nest YouTube channel that gives a walkthrough of their shop. In it, you see a huge room with role playing game (RPG) books and games. In the middle is a large table that fans can come in to play at their leisure.

As they went through the tour, one item caught my eye, a tiny Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game. That is one of my all time favorite arcade games. I need to get one of those to set on my desk to, you know, enjoy some break time with.

If you want to get your friends together to play, Dragon's Nest has a couple of rooms to rent to enjoy some private play time. This place looks really cool and even though I am not at all familiar with this genre of gaming, I may have to make a quick trip to Kilgore to check it out.

Find out more about Dragon's Nest at

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If you are into board games like Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer or card games like Pokemon or Magic The Gathering, this is the perfect stop for you in the Kilgore area.

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