A Pennsylvania home occupied by DeAnna Simpson is haunted by ghosts. Although she and her husband have been living in the home for the past seven years, the haunting began shortly after they moved in. Their story was even recently featured on the Travel Channel's "Dead Files."

Shortly into the Fox 43 reporter's interview, her photojournalist was scratched by the ghost. He described the feeling as being scratched by a hot piece of metal. While in an active part of the home, the reporter had been touched and pinched by the ghost. Needless to say the ghost wasn't happy that they were there recording their story.

Homeower DeAnna even spoke to the ghost with some specific instructions and it followed through. There are some pretty creepy things going on in this home, which apparently has a history of some grizzly deaths amongst its four walls. Watch the news report below and tell me if you believe this story in the comment section below.

See the episode from the Travel Channel in the video below.