Summer is here, the heat and humidity are nearly unbearable - oh, who are we kidding, IT IS UNBEARABLE!  Lindale kids will soon have a new place to cool off at during these unbearable times.

When the heat is on we seek out air conditioning or some cool water to take the edge off the heat. A grass roots organization in Lindale has had a dream for a while now of a splash pad for the city's residents to enjoy. A posting on The Lindale Splash Pad Fundraiser Facebook page says their dream is over! A new splash pad will be constructed in Darden Harvest Park in downtown later this summer.

Judging from the comments from this post, Lindale residents are excited about this news.

Some comments are even suggesting what should come next!

This grass roots group will be giving residents the opportunity to voice their opinion on what kind of features will be included in the park. According to the Facebook post, there will be some sort of poll posted soon so you can cast a ballot on what feature you'd like to see included.

How excited are you that this is coming to Lindale? Take our poll:

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