Talk about the worst first date, ever.

Sometimes, the movie is more important than the date I guess. According to USA Today, a man and a woman went on a first date to watch "Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2" in Round Rock, TX. The lady in question (who asked not to reveal her name in the media) was apparently texting a storm and this did not go over well for the 37-year old man, Brandon Vezmar.

In his lawsuit filed at Travis County small claims court, he stated:

After the movie started, defendant activated her phone at least 10-20 times in 15 minutes to read and send text messages, in direct violation of the theater’s policy. [FOX 31]

Either he takes the movie theater a tad too seriously, or he has a stronger love affair with the Guardians of the Galaxy movie franchise. The small claims settlement is a paltry $17.31 as it's not about the money, according to Vezmar. Per CNN:

While damages sought are modest, the principle is important as defendant’s behavior is a threat to civilized society.

Man, he is taking this seriously!

My opinion? Maybe he didn't get a goodnight kiss and he's angry about it.

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