Merry Christmas Y'all.

Christmas in Texas is just different from anywhere else. We have our own traditions, foods, and ways to celebrate the season. Personally, I like to decorate a tumbleweed and drink a sixer of Shiner, but I may be taking it a little far.

Texans also have their own ideas of what a great gift is. Here's a guide to Texas gifts- made by Texans, for Texans to enjoy for years to come.

A Very Texas Christmas Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for the Texan in your life? Here's a variety of options that are oh-so-Texas.

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14 Must See Christmas Light Parks In Texas

If you're traveling anywhere in the state of Texas this Christmas, there is a good chance there is a drive-thru Christmas light park near your destination, like these:
Images do not depict actual park and are for display purposes only.

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