In May of 2021, a YouTube channel called Southern Life came through Tyler and filmed a very confusing and very misinformed video about the city. The video was full of nonsense conjecture, yawning and just flat out wrong information. This from a channel that claimed at one time to help people move to the south. This channel decided to come back to Tyler in March of this year and once again spouted a bunch of nonsense and misinformation.

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Its ironic that I say this on the internet but the internet is full of people that think they know what they're talking about. For instance, this YouTube channel called Southern Life. If you recall, I wrote about a video they made as they were driving around Tyler. In that video, they got locations wrong, population wrong and just other general information wrong about the city.

Sure, it could all be a ruse but a ruse is usually funny and entertaining when this was not. You can read about what I had to say about the above video HERE.

This channel came back to Tyler in March of this year. Being that we just discovered it in July does say a lot. In that video, they find it hard to believe that we drive trucks. In Texas. In the city. Sorry dude, its what we do.

After that second visit to Tyler, the channel traveled to Longview and gave about the same nonsensical trip around the city. Whether this channel is just a troll channel or really believes they are the gateway to the south, its just not funny. Decide for yourself. If you can stomach the 15 minutes of their drive around Tyler or the 30 minutes going in a circle around Longview, give the videos a watch below.

Tyler and Longview are not the only towns this channel just can't seem to get right about. They've done the same confusing drives around other East Texas cities.

Look, Southern Life, if you want a true tour of Tyler or Longview or any other city in East Texas, I would be more than happy to give you a proper tour. If not, talk with an actual resident or a city council member or, I don't know, someone with actual knowledge of the town your visiting.

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