Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore have delighted viewers on-screen with their romantic chemistry, from 1998’s The Wedding Singer to 2004’s 50 First Dates to 2014’s Blended, They were awarded for their work over the past three decades at MTV Movie & TV Awards: Greatest of All Time Ceremony on December 6, earning the title of GOAT Dynamic Duo.

Upon receiving their award, Sandler and Barrymore caught up virtually, reminiscing over their long careers in tandem. “It was so much fun to make a movie with you in every of the last three decades," said Barrymore. Sandler replied with, “Yes, yes, and Drew, it’s 2020 so you know what that means...”

Barrymore’s first guess was that “everything sucks”, which, to be fair, is a pretty accurate response. But Sandler answered, “Yeah, that’s true — but also, it’s a new decade, so we get to make another movie together.” Barrymore agreed. “Right, well, let’s wait until we find something amazing. We do have 10 years.” Sandler reminded Barrymore that they technically only have nine years and one month, to which Barrymore joked “was not enough time” to find something “special.”

While Sandler and Barrymore haven’t decided what their project for the 2020s will be, it sounds like they’re pretty adamant about starring in a movie together at some point in the decade. They are the GOAT Dynamic Duo, after all.

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