When Adele appeared at on the Oscar Awards a couple of weeks ago she was literally worth a million bucks thanks to her Oscar makeover. The costly make over made her look fabulous but it was short lived.

Thanks to the British paper The Daily Mail, they have broken down how she managed to spend nearly one million dollars right before the big show on her hair, makeup, nails, beauty treatments, designer shoes and her dress.

She spent $868 on her hair style that included a cut, color, blow dry and product. Adele had two dresses picked out for the big show, ended up wearing only one, but bought two at $36,000 each. Her footwear was a pair of Louboutin heels that cost her $6600.

I can see all of that and understand it but here's the kicker on the list that was released, Adele went the manicurist to the stars and spend $4500 on her nails. I could have saved her a ton of money and painted them for her with nail polish from Walmart!

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