This was just a really cool photo from Wednesday (September 27).

The Louisiana Cajun Navy Facebook page - which is 265,000-followers strong - shared a heartwarming photo of John Luke and his cousin Grace. John's mother, Courtney shared just how much the actions of the Cajun Navy (and Texas Navy) meant to her and to many children from Southeast Texas and Houston.

In her post, she wrote:

Today is Hurricane Harvey Hero day at school. Lots of people dressed up as you guys.

She continued:

We saw your people and others during rescues, and he's becomes such a big fan. He talks about the flood heroes all the time, and he was so proud to show some of them his "hero buttons".

John was recently diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. His mother said that he felt really cool to be around other heroes during that time.

There's no way every person who's stepped up to help in Houston, Southeast Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico will be personally thanked. But this is for sure: you men and women are certainly heroes.

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