As I'm sure you already know because some of you make the commute daily, driving around the Dallas Metroplex can be an adventure in itself. If you're not careful, it could get very confusing and over the weekend, I went online and found a bunch of wild videos of folks either behaving badly or making some bonehead mistakes on the road in the DF-DUB courtesy of @DallasTexasTV on Twitter.

Guy Almost Slams Into Dallas Cop Trying To Exit.


We've all been there before, especially in Dallas, because the "exits" can be so close to one another that its very easy to miss your exit. Next thing you know, you find yourself scrambling to get over to your exit before you have to drive another 10 miles just to turn around. Unfortunately for this person, their last second decision landed them in BIG trouble as the driver nearly smashes into a Dallas Police Officer while trying to exit. As you can see (and hear from the laughter) the officer lit them up immediately and chances are high they are getting a ticket.

Downtown Dallas Road Rage

Driving through downtown Dallas can be an adventure too and in this video, we see a couple of drivers preparing to "duke it out" in the middle of the street. What caused this is unknown but one of the drivers takes a swing at the other before getting in their cars and going on about their evening.

Flipped Over Jeep On I-35

Not too far from downtown, someone managed to catch a video of an overturned Jeep on the interstate in a crazy scene. While one video shows the view from a building, another video shows the scene from the driver's level. All I know is, PLEASE be careful out there if you have to go to the Metroplex, its crazy out here!

Unusual House in Dallas With a Bar, Stage, and Stripper Pole

It looks like a normal home from the 60s but the inside looks like nothing you would expect.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Photos From the Past

These Dallas Cowboys cheerleader photos date back to the 1970s.

What House $500,000 Gets You in Lubbock vs. Dallas, Texas

One of the biggest draws to living in a smaller city rather than a large one is what kind of house you can get for the same price. Here's a comparison of two homes -- one in Lubbock and ther other in Dallas -- that both cost around $500,000 and have four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Take a look at the Dallas home, followed by the one in Lubbock, below:

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