When it's hot in the state of Texas, there's nothing better than going for a swim.

The sun can be very unfriendly in the Lone Star State, with temps getting over 100 degrees during the summer. So cooling off is an important part of anyone's day in the state. There are multiple ways to do so of course.

The previously mentioned pool is just one of the ways. Public pools are wonderful for many, but some residents in the state have their own personal pool that was built for them. These pools require maintenance by the owner, but are certainly worth it to some.

Recently however, it's been discovered that pools in Texas are suffering from something that is causing damage to them. But what is it exctly?

The "Concrete Cancer" Affecting Texas Pools

According to KVUE, AJ and Diana Miller, a couple in Central Texas, noticed their pool was having problems. Cracks began to appear in their pool, which was built in 2020. Due to the damage, the speaker system in the pool has to be removed, as reported by KVUE.

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The Millers, who used Premier Pools and Spa to make their pool dream a reality, filed a lawsuit against them. Included in the lawsuit was also Hot Crete, who poured the concrete for the area.

The Millers state in the lawsuit that Premier Pools and Spa made an effort to repair the pool after issues showed up one month after its completion. After their repairs, the problems surfaced again after six months.

The problem, as revealed by Premier Pools and Spas, is Alkali Silica Reaction, otherwise known as "Concrete Cancer." Premier Pools and Spas were also contacted by KVUE, saying they didn't construct the pool for the Millers, and their response is as follows:

"The ASR (concrete cancer) issue is such an unfortunate situation for homeowners and builders in the Austin area. We feel for all homeowners and business owners that are feeling the effects. Homeowners are having to deal with failing concrete, leaks and water loss. Builders paid for a product that was supposed to be warrantied for a lifetime and be defective-free, and now, when that is called into question, insurance companies are not taking responsibility. Everyone in the industry wants to get to the bottom of what is causing the problem and who is responsible."

So at the time of writing, it doesn't seem like the cause of the issue is known. As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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