There are many historical places in the great state of Texas.

Some of them we know very well, others not so much. But throughout the years, many buildings and places hold a significant place in the Texas archives. Some could be 60 years old, while others may be have been built way before our lifetimes.

Recently, you may have seen worries about certain areas of the state being in trouble of being lost. That rings true in Central Texas as well. One church in Belton, Texas is seeking the public's help to make sure the history of the building is preserved.

The church is Mt. Zion Methodist Church, and it means so much to so many in the Lone Star State.

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Why Mt. Zion Methodist Church Needs Our Assistance In Texas

As reported by KXXV, the church is requesting help in making sure certain areas of the historic site are refurnished:

Talking to the news organization, Patrick Russell, Pastor at Mt. Zion Methodist Church, said that the building was used for multiple events when “When Blacks didn’t have any outlets to go to."

In addition, Russell also said that while endowments totaling $400,000 has been very helpful, there is still money needed. As stated by Russell:

“They’re going to try to preserve everything in its original form. Some of the things they will be able to. Some of things because of the date and times that it is now they won’t be able to restructure."

Mt. Zion is requesting $25,000 in additional funds. If you'd like to donate, the link to do so is here.

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