Ok East Texas, now that I have been here for a good 2 weeks I must admit that I love being here.  I am getting used to the people and the culture and I’m starting to feel at home.  One thing that I’m starting to love about being in Texas is the food.  I went to a few restaurants and the food here is awesome.  I know Texas is known for its barbecue (I have yet to go to Stanley’s), but I didn’t know that one of the most sought after foods here in Texas is stuffed avocados, according to a study by Delish.

Are you kidding me?  I love eating avocados from putting them on my toast in the morning, to having them on my tacos (is Taco Tuesday today?), to having guacamole and tortilla chips as a snack.

I never had stuffed avocados and would love to try them so Google here I come!  I went on the website www.delish.com and looked up stuffed avocados and the recipes were endless.  They have the following:  Shrimp Salad, Tex-Mex, Caprese, Tuna Salad, and the one that got my attention the BLT (recipe posted above)

whologwhy, Flickr

These tasty treats are low-carb and would make a great lunch or snack.  So, if you’re looking for a quick lunch or a healthy snack I said give these recipes a try and let me know what you think.  Go ahead and try it tonight!  Buy yourselves some avocados and go stuff yourself….

Or go to one of the many Mexican restaurants in East Texas. Most are bound to have it on their menus.

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