Imagine driving down the highway and seeing cash flying your way. Would you pull over and collect a few bucks to cover your dinner and drinks later? Would you thank God for the gift of free cash? Would you collect the cash just to return it? We have so many questions!

Tuesday night, around 8:00 p.m. Atlanta drivers were pulling over to collect cash all over the interstate. According to the Dunwoody Police Department, over 15 drivers pulled over for a free payday.

You can check out the video of the scene below. The armored vehicle dropped an estimated $175,000 onto the highway. A reporter in Atlanta named Joe Henke took to his Twittter to warn the "lucky" drivers who drove up on the cash and said "Dunwoody Police tell me it is possible well over $100,000 in cash covered 285 West last night after a door on an armored truck came open. If you picked up any of the cash police are asking you to return it or you could be charged with theft."


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