Amanda Bynes is seeking treatment for her mental health.

The 33-year-old's reported fiancé, Paul Michael, confirmed the actress is seeking treatment to Page Six on Wednesday (March 18) after rumors of her refusal to get treatment were reported.

“She’s not ordered to go to a hospital," he told the outlet. "She’s ordered to go to a residential treatment, which is called inpatient, but she’s not in a hospital."

He added, “She is affected by trauma from her childhood. The anxiety made her drop out of school and the judge ordered her to work on that in residential treatment."

Michael also revealed that she is allowed to "come and go as long as she goes to therapy."

He shared that she will be returning to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising to complete her Bachelor's Degree, and that she currently holds an Associate of Arts degree from the fashion college. Michael said that Bynes is "doing really well, besides anxiety and trauma."

As for their relationship, he confirmed that they have been together for six months, without a break.

He also claimed that his and Bynes' Instagrams were hacked. "Someone deleted our pictures and sent dms [direct messages] saying we broke up," he explained. "We never broke up and weren’t able to log into our Instagrams until last night."

The news of Bynes' mental health treatment comes just one day after she and Michael announced that she was pregnant with her first child. However, the couple deleted the announcements just two hours after posting photos of the ultrasound on Instagram. It's unclear if they are truly expecting.

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