After a short hiatus, American Idol is coming back to television. The once ratings king is returning in the spring of 2018 on ABC, but before it can have its premiere, there has to be contestants for the show!

The show announced there will be an audition bus tour crossing the country to find talent for the show. There will be two different routes, and east coast and west coast route where the buses will travel from city to city looking for those that could become the next American Idol. I say it's about time that an audition stop comes close to East Texas because there is a ton of talent here just waiting to be discovered.

Shreveport has been selected as an audition stop on the west coast route and they will be hosting open auditions on September 4th. The venue for the auditions hasn't been announced just yet, but there's a couple of places it could be happening in Shreveport, the convention center or the CenturyLink Center, either one is big enough to hold something like this!

If you've been waiting to be discovered, this could be your big break! Begin practicing and polishing up on your audition and you could become the next American Idol. Once we know exactly where the auditions will be held and the process, we will post it here on the website.

Who knows, you could be performing in front of and be judged by Katy Perry and the other to be announced American Idol judges!

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