'American Idol' has produced many a superstar, but coordinating prom dates? We suspect that wasn't in Simon Cowell's original vision for the show!

Season 13 contestants Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson proved their friendship extends beyond the competition when he escorted her to the North Farmington High School prom in Michigan!

“He’s an awesome guy,” Jena told the Detroit Free Press. “We’ve been best friends for a couple months now. To bring him to meet all my friends is pretty cool.”

The dance is just another chance for the duo to celebrate making it to the final two spots in season 13 of the reality singing competition. Ultimately, Johnson took home the 'American Idol' title, with Irene being named runner-up.

For Irene, prom was also an opportunity to return home.

“I haven’t seen my friends in four months,” she said. “I’m extremely excited to go in and say hi to them.”

She added, “The mental stress, it definitely wears on you to be in competition for about a year. To get as far as I did, I’m extremely proud.”

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