American Idol’ contestant Joshua Ledet did sunshine state native Josh Groban proud with his powerful performance of the song ‘You Raise Me Up’ on tonight’s (May 9) episode. Ledet showed a range of vocal variety, taking us from low to high and making it almost impossible to believe that last year he was sent home without even a ticket to Hollywood.

Maybe it was the intense fog machine, or the backing by a chorus with an angelic quality, but Ledet appeared somewhat God-like as he sang to us from his pedestal. This effect was enhanced when they began to literally raise him up, and we’re guessing the pun was intended.

Jennifer Lopez started by urging Ledet to keep it consistent until the end because he could “wind up right there.” Always with an offbeat response, Steven Tyler told Ledet he “sang his little tush off.” Randy Jackson continued by saying the singer was a “ginormous artist with a huge career” in front of him.

Ledet is never a letdown, but we don’t think America or the judges were ready for what he had in store for us with his song selection in the second round. We’re guessing the roof over the ‘American Idol’ stage is pretty strong, because otherwise Ledet would have blown it off singing ‘It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World’ by James Brown.

Not only did he kill the song, but he had the judges pushing their chairs back to get on their feet as quickly as possible for a standing ovation. Jennifer Lopez spent a few moments bowing in a “we’re not worthy” manner before she told Ledet, “People at home tonight thought they had seen everything you had to give and how you can interpret a song — we hadn’t. That was sickening.” Randy Jackson coined the performance one of the best performances on any singing show in existence ever. Steven Tyler agreed, saying, “Neither man nor woman has ever sang that good on this show ever — I have never heard anything like that in my life!”

Now, we’ve been into Joshua Ledet from the get-go, but tonight he took us to a whole new level of love! We wonder where his parents got their “Team Josh” tee-shirts made…

Watch Joshua Ledet Perform ‘You Raise Me Up’

Watch Joshua Ledet Perform ‘It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World’

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