During the judges’ first day in Austin, Texas they clearly saw some of the potential skill and talent that the midwestern city has to offer. Now we’re on day two of their trip to the culturally rich city in tonight’s episode of ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Who will royally embarrass themselves on stage? We have no idea, but here’s hoping there’s a lot of folk like that on the show tonight.

Since we finally got past the episode where we were almost positive that the human cannonball was going to meet his grizzly fate, what is there to look forward to now? We have no idea, but everybody in Austin is excited to see who else has the gusto to go up on stage and wow the audience. And hopefully they’ll wow them in a good way, because surely all of the judges are sick and tired of horrible acts.

We may be seeing a real winner in the worse way possible with the Aurora Light Painters. We’re not entirely sure why they’re dressed like a bunch of chefs but maybe they’ll be able to actually so something cool. Thankfully they showed how creative they can get with careful use of lighting and are moving forward to the next round.

One of the contestants claimed that the weirder you are, the more than likely you’ll stand out. That’s not exactly a good thing judging from all of the horrible acts that follow. We get a variety of kooky people who appear onstage to waste our time – including horrible breakdancing and someone playing shoddy music on something that can be used to drain the water out of a shirt.

But wait, that’s not all! The Doppleganger Circus Sideshow is here and you can bet your money that they’re going to out-weird anybody else who’s stepped on that stage with their tons-of-fun act that involves running a chainsaw through an apple in a woman’s mouth. Unfortunately none of the audience or judges feel that way, especially when they call a paramedic on stage to confirm that the woman in the act now has a dislocated jaw.

Let’s bring in some more horrible acts, shall we? First there’s Jada, a singing pop R&B girl group who can’t properly hold a tune if their lives depended on it. Yet another example of a culture who believes they sound wonderful when they’re auto tuned only to find out they have no singing abilities whatsoever once they go acapella on stage. But they’re nothing compared to the oversized mascots that literally trip over themselves when entering the arena. Too bad the accident was the best thing about it all. Last but not least is Tubby who entertains us by flabbing his fat around through the form of dancing and shaking in order to get a response from the judges. The only answer they give him is a definite no. If they let any of these act advance to the next round – like they have before with other horrible skits – it would make anybody watching at home cringe with fear for the Vegas portion of the show.

Eric and Olivia are a cute duo who aren’t actually a couple, which is something that other contestants are a little baffled about. The two of them don’t think about it at all, all they want to do is show off their musical talents in front of the judges. They’re one of the best musical acts that have appeared on the show, doing their own acoustic rendition of the song ‘Moves Like Jagger.’ It’d be a crime if they didn’t advance to the next round. So yes, they’re going to Vegas.

Next we have Richard Grossman, a man who specializes in singing opera. Just from the crackle in his voice you can tell that he’s been practicing like crazy for this chance to appear on stage and show the world exactly what he can do. But in actuality he’s doing a technique he calls “soul singing,” which involves him doing everything he needs to do with his vocal muscles except actually produce sound. Does this technique work? Not really. Opera isn’t really for everyone, especially for him. And yes, he can’t take criticism at all which makes this act even more delightful to watch.

And here’s Eric, who claims to be a mind reader. Uh oh, this is going to be so great, especially if it goes horribly wrong. He says the reason he did this is because he wants to really figure out what people are thinking. Let us see how much of a phony he is or how incredibly gullible the judges can be. And yes, they take the bait and send him off to Vegas.

Summer Lacy does an aerial dance piece in chains, which looks like it’s going to hurt because it’s chains. But hey, her act was original enough to go to the next round. Same goes with Nikki, a singer and acoustic dancer that wins over the audience due to her vocal chords and not her feather headpiece. B-Boy “just does dancing” which involves doing some crazy fast and flexible moves on the stage, and Howard Stern found him to be “incredibly graceful, edgy and fantastic to watch.” He’s yet another lucky contestant who’s going to Sin City (and we’re not referring to the Frank Miller comics) in a couple of weeks.

‘America’s Got Talent’ is always looking for fresh faces who can show the nation how great their skill is in dancing, singing or any sort of other unique act. Then there’s Andrew, a gothic-looking young man who shows up and claims that he’s never sang in public before. He doesn’t want to be an outcast anymore and is ready to show the world what he can do, and boy does he. Bring on the great opera Andrew, bring on the opera all the way to Vegas.

The judges are finally done with Austin, Texas but they’re ready to go onto the next city where supposedly Howie butts heads with Sharon and Howard Stern over one particular contestant as to whether or not he/she should go. We’ll find out more about that on next week’s ‘America’s Got Talent,’ airing next Monday at 8 PM.