Warmer weather and beautiful blooms means spring has finally sprung in East Texas, however, in order to survive another East Texas spring there are some things you're going to need to survive!

This time of the year a lot of us are amazed by Mother Nature's beauty while others are annoyed by her and still many others are taken out of the daily grind because of her! This time of the year around the office you'll hear quite a bit of sniffling and sneezing due to allergies. The pollen in the air messes with East Texans and in worst cases takes us out for a few days with a head cold, stuffy or runny nose and a nagging headache! So, in order to continue to survive this East Texas spring and make it to summer you're probably going to need the following:

  • EYE DROPS - you've got to get the red out and it'll help them from being so darn irritated!
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  • ALLERGY - DECONGESTANT MEDICATION - You've got to keep those airways clean and free of all the mucus!
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  • TISSUES - You're gonna be blowing your nose quite often
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However, those aren't the only things you'll need for an East Texas spring survival kit. Our cars have been covered in pollen for the past couple of weeks with a weird shade of yellowish-green and also the sounds of the Emergency Alert System airing on the radio and television, so, you're also going to need these too:

  • CAR WASH - gotta continually get that pesky pollen off the clear coat!
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  • UMBRELLA - when it rains it'll give you a little protection from getting wet!
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  • SMALL WINDOWLESS INTERIOR ROOM - just as Mark Scrito says, the small windowless interior room could save your life in the event of severe weather
Mark Scirtos Dank Small Windowless Interior Meme Stash via Facebook
Mark Scirtos Dank Small Windowless Interior Meme Stash via Facebook

With those few items you should be well equipped to survive what's left of spring here in East Texas!

On a serious note though, Mark Scirto, Chief Meteorologist at KLTV 7, is correct in knowing where your small windowless interior room is located - not only in your home, but in your office as well. Springtime thunderstorms can turn severe at any time and you may need to seek out some sturdy shelter for protection from the storm or a possible tornado. Know in advance and stay weather aware this spring and if severe weather does break out, we'll keep you updated from the First Alert 7 weather center.

Now if you feel like we need to add some things to the East Texas Spring Survival Kit just let us know what else to include by putting them in the comment section below!

Have a fun and safe spring in East Texas!

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