The next American Idol winner has been named, and the results played out — fittingly, considering the show's move to the Disney-owned ABC — like a fairy tale Monday night (May 21).

So...who was it?

After host Ryan Seacrest revealed that Gabby Barrett had placed in third, the competition was narrowed down to Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee Hutchinson. Finally, after much anticipation, Seacrest revealed the winner was...

Poppe! The Iowa native, who charmed audiences with her singer-songwriter voice, ultimately won, and — in keeping with Idol tradition — was immediately forced to sing her coronation single "Going Going Gone" while trying to fight back tears.

Still, the bigger surprise of the night might have come when the show revealed that its two finalists WERE DATING.

“Results are coming up very soon,” Seacrest said at one point during the show. “But before we get to those, we want to celebrate the incredible talent that is your top two.”

“The country has fallen in love with the two of you,” he continued. “I know the song that’s coming up. I’m just wondering, is there a special significance to the song, Caleb, when you sing it with Maddie?”

“Well you know, Maddie’s like my best pal,” Hutchinson said. “I’ve known her since the beginning of Hollywood Week, and you know, she, uh — she actually happens to be my girlfriend.”


'American Idol' Season 16 Finalists

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