Talk about holding a grudge!

New Orleans Saints fans are not letting go of their NFC Championship loss to the Rams which cost them a trip to the Super Bowl are boycotting the game and throwing an anti-Super Bowl parties instead.

According to USA Today, anyone in New Orleans who wants to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday (February 3) between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams will have a hard time finding one as many local bars are protesting the big game.

Instead they will re-air Super Bowl 44 from nine years ago when the Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts, or show the Puppy Bowl instead or even stay closed.

Other restaurants and bars are also planning alternatives like, day-long happy hours, $1 beers, potlucks, and costume parties.

Apparently Saints fans have a reason to be upset over the botched call, but this is really taking it too far!

Spoiler alert....The Saints are gonna win Super Bowl 44!

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