A new TikTok is alerting Texans who love to shop at Hobby Lobby to always check twice!

Have you ever noticed that the pricing may seem a bit odd at Hobby Lobby? Well, you're not the only one- a recent TikTok video has gained the attention of many Hobby Lobby shoppers after the person in the video pointed out that the prices may vary.

The most shocking part wasn't that the prices may vary from state to state- they vary on the same product!

As you can see, @ali.dutton showed us how the same exact product could have different price tags!

Now, with that one video spiraled countless others of Hobby Lobby shoppers running to their nearest store to test out the theory; lo and behold, it turned out to be true!

But why are the same products getting marked with different price tags?? In one of the videos, some users attempted to offer explanations for this inconsistent pricing.

“The supplier ups the price (inflation), yet Hobby Lobby doesn’t up the store price until all the old stock is gone—unlike most other big box stores."

Which, I guess makes sense, but I'm on the side of this is not cool, Hobby Lobby! Now word yet from Hobby Lobby themselves, but this is your reminder to always check twice!

This shocked me a little bit, but it also reminded me of my mom- who is always on the hunt for a good bargain. Anywhere we would shop she would make me look for the less expensive item even if it was the same item! At the time I thought it was dumb; why would there be two different prices on the same item?! Well, now we know! Thanks, mom!

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