Target is making some big changes across Texas! Recently, they've begun a practice for self-checkout lanes that are meant to streamline the self-checkout experience but the whole process just sounds aggravating.

Now many are wondering if something that has begun in another state make its way to the Lone Star state? Over in Michigan, Target stores have begun to card customers over an unexpected item!

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When it comes to shopping, I think we're all pretty sure of what items we might need our identification card for; mainly cigarettes and booze. There may be other items like cough medicine or even movies that require an ID card, it's not totally surprising.

However, many Target stores have now begun to card for non-alcoholic drinks! Yes, you read that right, non-alcoholic drinks!

For many, non-alcoholic drinks seem like a scam; it's beer or wines with 0% alcohol in them. As crazy as it may seem, non-alcoholic beverages have definitely transcended into the mainstream especially as more people decide to give up alcohol for a number of different reasons- but still want to party every now and then.

According to Food & Wine, and a Target spokesperson:

Target faces the dilemma of distinguishing which of the nonalcoholic drinks on its shelves must be sold to 21+ and which can be sold to anyone. It's not an impossible problem, but there's a considerable degree of liability that follows even a single violation.

Mainly, because the packaging for non-alcoholic beverages is very similar to regular alcoholic beverages, Target officials say they'd prefer to play it safe and just require ID for all non-alcoholic beverages, even if that specific brand genuinely has no alcohol.

So, get your ID's ready if you're looking for a booze-free drink!

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