It's been one of the most hotly contested topics when it comes to voting in Texas and whether or not it'll actually ever come to fruition. Something that has been proven to drive in all sorts of revenue to the states where it's been legalized, yet we remain on the outside looking in.

No, I'm not talking about marijuana, I'm talking about legalizing gambling.

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Every time we come upon an election, the question is raised as to whether or not Texas will finally take that step and allow legalized gambling, or at least sports betting. It seems every single time it gets brought up, it's dismissed as quickly as it's mentioned.

It seemed we were getting closer back on May 11, 2023 when the Texas House passed an amendment that would've put wagering on certain sporting events on the ballot for November 2023 by a vote of 101-42.

Then come November 7th, it wasn't on the ballot and we couldn't vote on whether or not we could legalize it here in Texas.

The landscape has changed a bit since then, and there is going to be even more pressure on lawmakers to allow this to end up on the ballot, and potentially pass depending on the voters. What has changed?

It actually starts and ends with the Dallas Mavericks NBA franchise ironically. Longtime owner Mark Cuban decided to sell off a majority share of the franchise, up to 57% of it to be exact based on the valuation of what he was selling it for.

The new owners? None other than the Adelson and Dumont families. Now, I know those aren't exactly household names here in Texas, but if you're a Las Vegas person, you know them as the owners of the Las Vegas Sands company, and they own and operate some of the biggest casinos in Vegas.

They aren't purchasing the team just to own an NBA team, they have their sights set on pushing Texas lawmakers hard to legalize gambling and bring a hotel casino to the Dallas area.

These families have a ton of influence, but it remains to be seen just how much they can sway the tough-nosed Texas lawmakers when it comes to legalized gambling in the state. It's something to keep a very close eye on though as we head into these 2024 elections.

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