Caught on camera and in some cases caught on video, UFO's! UFO's are reportedly flying across Texas skies and in some cases flying across major metropolitan areas causing many to wonder if Texas, the United States, North America and planet Earth are under some kind of surveillance from an alien race! According to the website Texas UFO Sightings, there's been one report of a UFO over one Texas town so far this month and there were twenty UFO sightings over Texas cities throughout the month of May, mainly being reported from south and central Texas cities like Austin, San Antonio and Houston.

Most of these sightings are explained away by astronomers and scientists and are caused naturally with light bouncing off of something on the surface towards the sky or off of a commercial plane back to the ground, some kind or satellite in orbit or it could be a distant star or planet that is closer to Earth than normal.

The latest reported UFO sighting came in from Katy, TX (West of Houston) on Thursday, June 1st of a hovering, bright glowing orb. The person reporting the UFO also caught it on video.

This sighting has yet to be explained on the website.

On May 27th bright orange glowing balls of light were spotted over Spring, TX (north of Houston) and caught on video and uploaded to YouTube.

The man filming claims it to be some kind of ship as the kids in the background were saying "I like aliens!" These glowing orange balls, according to Texas UFO Sightings, could be Chinese floating lanterns or some kind of military flare. The site says that these recorded blinking lights could be the result of Chinese floating lanterns because it happened on a weekend when they tend to get used in the area.

That leads me to asking this simple question to you,

Check out the Texas UFO Sightings website for all the other UFO sightings that have been reported in the last month.

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