Some of us in Texas just love going out on a Saturday night on the town. With so much to do in the state as well, can you blame them? At least hopefully, some make the right decisions and not get in trouble with law enforcement.

But instead of focusing on the partying during the evening, we're examining what happens after the festivities are finishing up. Texans have left, and while some may be able to walk home, others will needs transportation back to their living area.

Now, this individual going home, after having a few to drink, made the smart decision and has a Designated Driver. But our individual still wants to drink one or two more alcoholic beverages while riding in the vehicle. Now we must ask the question:

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Can A Passenger Legally Drink While Not Driving In Texas?

While this might seem like a smart decision, it turns out this affects the driver if you're drinking in the car while not behind the wheel. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram elaborates, stating that having an open container of alcohol in the state of Texas is against the law. If an open container is discovered in a vehicle, it is classified as a Class C misdemeanor.

The misdemeanor could result in the driver getting a $500 fine, with each container counting a one violation. So while driving in normal vehicle, it's best to keep the alcohol closed.

But, there is a caveat to the rule. If our individual is paying a bus, limo, or taxi for transportation, the exemption is in effect. This doesn't include Lyft Or Uber, as they have a policy about open containers in their rules.

So, don't drink and ride Texans!

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