How do you know you're dating a Texas Woman? It's pretty easy to spot if you know which signs to look for.

Wide Open Country nailed their list of 15 Signs Your'e Dating a Texas Woman. As a Texan, and a female, I identified with each and everyone... some more than others.

15. She’s more fervent about football than some guys you know.
14. She expects chivalry.
13. She will manage to look good no matter what she’s doing.
12. She’s capable.
11. She has an actual appetite.
10. Don’t assume she wants wine. Texas girls love beer, too.
9. She can spot a phony.
8. She can’t stand the cold and loves the heat.
7. She doesn’t need tons of makeup to look incredible.
6. She is likely to lose her mind on occasion.
5. She can make cowboy boots look like haute couture.
4. She’s no weakling when it comes to drinking.
3. She thinks you’re weird if you don’t like spicy food.
2. The way to her heart is through dancing.
1. It doesn’t matter where she lives, she’ll always be a Texas girl.

This Texas girl likes football, but I wouldn't say that I'm a fervent fan. I do expect expect chivalry, and fortunately most men raised by Texas women, know how to step up. I don't wear make-up everyday, but I know when it's important to look my best.

I'm capable. My Texas Mama, raised me to know how to clean house, change a tire and do yard work... I'm still working on the cooking part. I like to eat, and I'm not shy about ordering my steak rare.

I drink beer, wine, and cocktails, but know better than to mix them all on one night. Reading a situation and people is another thing we pick up on in the Lone Star State. I love Spring and Fall in Texas. Our warm winters suit me just fine, and I just choose not to think about the days we check in above 100 degrees.

We know how to apply make-up without over or under doing it to match the occasion. Yes, I've been known to lose my mind, and I've learned from those situations. Cowboy boots are always in fashion, and pair well jeans and dresses. I'm not afraid to toss one back on a weeknight, and Mexican food is the spice of life.

We all know how to two-step, and wherever I may roam, my heart will still be in Texas.


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