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Kick back and take in the views from this homes' back porch that overlooks a 250-acre private lake named Simpson Lake.

This lake is so private that I've never heard of it before. This spectacular four-bedroom four-bath 3900 sq. ft. home can be found in the Eagle Landing community in Avinger, a rural Cass County town with a population of around 500 people. This home is filled with a lot of wow factors and it'll leave you picking your jaw up off of the floor.

What grabbed my attention first was the view of the huge back porch featuring a lush, green backyard with some trees scattered about that allows for some stunning views of the lake. However, the back porch isn't the only place offering up those views. Thanks to the open concept of this home, you'll get those views from the living room, kitchen, dining room, primary bedroom and laundry room too.

Now if you love to cook or you're just now getting into it, you'll have plenty of room to create that gourmet meal in a wonderful kitchen. Or if you love baking, especially for the holidays, you can do that from one of the two available ovens. Just one of the many added amenities in the kitchen. When looking at the different rooms in the gallery below, check out the primary bathroom and the shower arrangement, see if you notice the same thing I noticed.

There is enough closet space for the neighbors too.

It seems like closet space is a big issue when house hunting. You've got to have a place to store all of your stuff. Well, this home has plenty of storage in the primary bedroom closets, in addition to a fully decked-out walk-in attic for your holiday decorations, your three-car garage and a detached garage building too.

There is no pool with this home, but you don't need it because you have access to private Simpson Lake.

Anytime the weather is warm and the water is warm enough for you, you can take a dip into the lake from the boat dock or get out on the private lake in your pontoon or fishing boat.

Now that I've given you the overview of this stunning two-acre property, check it out for yourself.

Awe-Inspiring Home In Avinger Sits On Private Simpson Lake

Kick back and take in the views from this homes' back porch that overlooks a 250-acre private lake named Simpson Lake.

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