‘Beeeeeep!!’ That was the sound this past weekend as Justin and Selena’s relationship flat lined, but Justin is intent on proving that there’s life after Selena. The 18-year-old heartthrob has not cried in public or left the house wearing Selena’s clothes (cough, cough Kristen Stewart)—although that would be a sight to see. No, the Biebs is going strong, all day long!

Since Friday, Bieber has been spotted out and about the town—riding around on his red Ducati and returning to the studio (to record what we can only assume will be the world’s next biggest hit). He was even seen getting pulled over by the cops on Tuesday night while driving his Ferrari.  Isn’t this the fourth or fifth time that he’s been pulled over? Is no one the slightest bit outraged that he hasn’t gone to jail yet? Oh wait, all the jail cells have been reserved for Lindsay Lohan? That explains it.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Everyone has been weighing in on the ‘Jelena’ split, including Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, who tweeted, “it is how we handle ourselves in the toughest situations that show our true character. Always show respect, integrity, and class." We can only assume Justin took this to mean “show my sexy, shirtless chest on Twitter and Instagram”—which he did. To top all this off, Justin is hanging out 26-year-old fashionista (and my favorite child star of ALL TIME) Ashley Olsen! “So he has a thing for older women,” you say—but when  you think that Ashley was saying “you got it dude” and being cuddled by John Stamos before the Biebs was even thought of—it kind of puts things in perspective.

So Justin seems like he’s doing just fine. We wonder: who will be the next girl to ‘never say never’?


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