When it comes to snakes, I'll pass thank you! Those slithery little creatures give me the creeps! I'm not sure what it is, but I'm ok with admiring them from a distance or in a cage at the Caldwell Zoo!

There are those however that are the polar opposite of me and love them so much they have them as pets. I'm sure many of them make great pets (mainly because they don't make loud noises!) and can provide much (slow moving) entertainment for their owners. Apparently some are quite the escape artists too! The Lake Dallas police department responded to a snake call and discovered a Ball Python roaming their streets. This snake looks to be at least three feet long and healthy and with the feeling that this snake belonged to someone and somehow escaped its environment, the police didn't euthanize the animal, instead they took it to the animal shelter where it is now waiting for its owner to come claim it.

If no one comes forward, there seems to be plenty of people who are willing to adopt it!

Better someone else adopting it, because I know it will not! I'm happy adopting my dog and cat from the SPCA of East Texas!

And then there was this!

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