Bebe Rexha spoke out about the lack of female artists represented in Billboard's Hot 100 Chart.

On Twitter Tuesday (Feb. 4), the singer shared her candid thoughts about the inequality that female musicians face when it comes to radio play and the charts.

In 2020, Camila Cabello is the only woman, out of twelve artists, with the most entries on the Hot 100 chart. Rexha retweeted the startling revelation that only one-twelfth of the most chart successful artists this year are female.

The 30-year-old also gave a shout out to Cabello for being able to gain success in a male-dominated industry. "Thank god for Camilla [sic]," she shared. "I’m like yes a female."

When some social media users suggested that women step up their music game, Rexha immediately fired back: "Don’t come to me saying women should make better music. They need to get fair playlist on streaming and radio. You have Ariana [Grande], Halsey, Dua [Lipa], Demi [Lovato] so many more incredible females."

The "In The Name of Love" singer retweeted fans who shared their favorite female musicians. "So many dope female artists right now I’m excited for 2020," she concluded.

See the tweets, below.

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