It's that time of year when people from Texas travel all over, some head to Dallas/Ft. Worth or Austin, others head south to San Antonio, Galveston, or Corpus Christi.  Some Texans travel to other states.

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When you travel, most of the time you stay in hotels. Even the nicest hotels aren't always the cleanest. With different types of people staying in different types of hotels, it's no wonder bed bugs get transferred back into Texas homes.

1 in 7 U.S. Travelers Have Encountered Mattresses Infested With Bed Bugs in the Past Year

Ewww...that's a mattress you won't want to sleep on.   Bed bugs don't always occur in cheap hotels, you can find them in the nicest 5-star hotels.

20% of people who found bed bugs were staying in a 5-star hotel

Most travelers don't know they are jumping into bed with these tiny, sneaky, creatures that love to feast on your blood.

1 in 3 people don't know they are sleeping on a mattress infested with bed bugs


How do you prevent from picking bed bugs up in a hotel room?

Macro photo of a bed bug
  • Put all your stuff in the bathtub first then check the room
  • Grab your travel flashlight, if you don't have one use your phone flashlight
  • Remove the linens from the bed and check the mattresses, including the corners and the seams for these tiny bugs or blood spots.
  • Check the headboard, nightstands, and drawers
  • Check the furniture, lift the cushions, check the seams, etc.
  • Check the drapes and blinds

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Once you do that, sit back, relax, and enjoy your vacation knowing you won't wake up covered in bed bugs or bites.

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