The debate rages on in the state of Texas about school vouchers and where parents can send their kids to school. Every parent wants their child to be exposed to the best school environment possible so that they are given a chance to succeed just like any other student in any other school.

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While the debate rages on, parents across Texas are searching for the best school and best education for their children. Whether it's in Kilgore, Longview, Plano, Round Rock, Houston, or Dallas, Texas. Parents want to give their kids access to the best education possible.

It's not just Texas parents who want the best, those moving to the Lone Star State look at school districts and individual schools and factor in the schools' rating before putting money down on a new home.

📚 Data has ranked the best public high schools in Texas

📚 Dallas area public high schools dominate the top 30 districts in Texas

There is a source for parents who are looking for the best schools, not just public but private and higher learning, Niche. This is a site that crunches data to give parents a fresh look at particular schools, school districts, colleges, graduate schools, and much more. The site uses eight weighted factors for its ratings. While a huge emphasis is on academics, they also add in factors like diversity and culture, health and safety, clubs and activities, resources, and results from parent, teacher, and student surveys.

Once all of that data was crunched and sorted, they came up with a list of the 30 best public high schools in Texas. After looking at the list, we noticed that nearly half of the schools on the list are in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex.

30 Of The Best Public High Schools In Texas

These are the top thirty public high schools in Texas according to Niche. Many factors went into creating this ranking, including, academic success and grades, school activities, health, and diversity as well as input from teachers, parents, and students.

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