Texas has it's fair share of ghost stories including in East Texas. The Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson is considered one of the most haunted places in the state. There is the story of Stagecoach Road in Marshall or the Bowers Mansion in Palestine. One ghost, or in this case, demon, story comes out of Denton, Texas. It is about Old Alton Bridge that connected the late 1800's era Denton with Copper Canyon. This bridge is at the center of the story of the Goatman.

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The Origin of This Terrifying Tale

The most popular story that is told comes from the late 1930's and is of a goat farmer named Oscar Washburn. His goats were very popular for the quality of the milk, meat, cheese and hides they produced. Mr. Washburn decided to hang a sign on the Old Alton Bridge to promote his goat business that read "This way to the Goatman."

This bit of advertising did not sit well with the local Ku Klux Klan. They went to Washman's goat farm and dragged him to the bridge. They tied a noose around his neck and threw him over the bridge. When the Klansmen went down to see Washburn, he was not there nor did they hear a splash from the creek below. This scared them so they went back to Washburn's goat farm and burned it, killing Washburn's wife and children.

What People Have Said They've Heard and Seen

People have said that they have seen glowing eyes that burn red from the bridge. Others have said that they have seen a large beast like creature with the body of a man and the head of a goat. Some have heard what sounds like hooves stomping on the wooden bridge as if it was chasing them away. Some have said they can hear screams in the woods or seen a ghostly figure of a woman wondering around. Some say this could be the wife of Oscar Washburn.

Knock on the bridge three times at midnight.

Another part of the legend states that if you knock on the bridge three times at midnight, this will call the goatman to appear.

Reality of the Story

The thing about the story of Oscar Washburn is that there is no recorded evidence of Mr. Washburn even existing. No birth records. No land records. Nothing. So it's hard to tell how true this story is. Satanists have long been rumored to use that area for various rituals which some say may have produced the goatman. It's certainly an eerie tale that many locals have heard and some believe.

If you want some more details on The Goatman's Bridge, check out wedetondoit.com and atlasobscura.com. You can also watch an episode below from BuzzFeed Unsolved Network where two men investigate the bridge. Due to some harsh language, we're going to label it NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

However you believe, it's a very creepy tale to add to many more creepy tales of Texas.

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