Reese Witherspoon was surprised with a package from Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

The 43-year-old documented her experience of opening the gift, a case of Armand de Brignac champagne. "I just got back from New York and the most beautiful flowers are here, and a case of Ace of Spades champagne," the actress told her Instagram followers. The couple left a simple note along with the gift: "It says, ‘More water from Jay and B.'"

Witherspoon recently had a run-in with the power couple at the Golden Globes. Her The Morning Show co-host Jennifer Aniston revealed that Witherspoon asked the musicians for more "water."

"Reese!? This is one of the many reasons I love you," Aniston wrote on her Instagram story. "We ran out of water at our table so naturally, she asked Jay-Z and Beyonce for a glass of their champagne."

Although it was still morning, Witherspoon and her mother Betty enjoyed a glass of the bubbly together. "It’s 11:30... we’re drinking champagne," she laughed. "Who cares? It’s from Jay-Z and Beyoncé." She later confirmed that it was really good.

Watch the unboxing video, below.

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