On Monday night I had the pleasure of traveling to Dallas to experience my first Beyonce concert. The opening act, Luke James, gave an energetic performance that perfectly prepped the audience for Mrs. Carter's arrival.

The show opened with the most appropriate song, "Run The World," and of course who runs it? GIRLS! Still traveling with an all-female cast, she made two exceptions on this tour. Two of her dancers were male. She found this duo in Paris and they added an excitement to the show that only boys could pull off.

Beyonce made every effort to touch every one who came out in the cold and ice for her show. Halfway through she traveled through the air to another stage that was set up at the back of the arena. There she got the audience to snap their fingers to help her "bring the beat in" for her "Love On Top" performance, which was one of my favorites of the night.

This concert was a birthday present for my daughter, who just turned 5, and of course I had to take my 3-year-old, too. They were not the only little Bey fans in attendance either. Other fans questioned me if I had to pay for a ticket for them, and the answer to that question is YES and full price. The other half of the night, my 3-year-old constantly questioned "When is Jay Z coming out?" and felt that she had been robbed because "husbands and wives are suppose to be together all the time!"

Of course, this would not be a Beyonce show if there were not a lot of costume changes. This was another aspect of the show that my 3-year-old did not understand. Each time Beyonce would leave the stage for a wardrobe change she would ask, "Is another Beyonce about to come out?"

I must admit, I was a little concerned about what type of show this would be and if it would be kid friendly. Turns out, is was an experience the entire family could enjoy.

Tickets to the show - $400. Traveling to Dallas at the end of an ice storm - Frightening! Parking at the AAC - Terrible, Having an awesome night out with my girls and seeing the smiles on their faces when Beyonce appeared on stage - PRICELESS!

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