Beyonce is always beautiful, but when she talks about the bun in her oven, she absolutely glows. The superstar revealed her pregnancy joy and behind-the-scenes tales of her concert DVD, ‘Live at Roseland: Elements of 4.’

When B took Katie Couric and the ’20/20′ cameras back to Roseland Ballroom, where she filmed her DVD, she revealed that she not only is the start of the show — she’s also the producer and director. (She gave us a sneak peek at her skills in the behind-the-scenes video for ‘Party‘ with J. Cole.)

“I learned how to edit for the last DVD — Final Cut Pro — and I make all my selects, and I sit in the same chair,” Beyonce said. “So I mean, I am an editor as well. I have great editors, thank God, but it is a lot of work, especially when I’m trying to tell so many stories from so many different areas and moments of my life.” Beyonce later gave Couric a tour of her production company, the Parkwood Group’s, edit room, and detailed what went into her concert film. “It’s like a puzzle,” Bey said, “And it’s like a baby. You have this idea in your head and you have to work so hard, and it’s very painful,” she laughed, “but at the end you have this thing that lives forever.”

Don’t think B’s editing is solely to make herself look good! She included clips of herself as a tween in the group Girls Time, featuring scenes of rehearsing for (and later losing on) ‘Star Search.’ “Oh God,” Bey laughs. “I just cringe when I see those old clips, but they’re so endearing, so charming — I just had to put those in, as embarrassing as they are.”

Beyonce also revealed why she announced her pregnancy at the VMAs — aside from the obvious reason of everyone watching! “News that’s that big,” Beyonce said, “it’s hard to hide and keep to yourself. I felt so liberated, and I felt like I can breathe and be happy. It was a beautiful feeling. I went straight off the stage and just cried. I hugged my mom, I hugged Jay, and I just cried.”

After clearing up the rumors of her cravings, Beyonce addressed the frenzy surrounding her bumpis it fake? How far along is she really? And in her typical classy fashion, Bey shrugged it off. “There are certain things that are so far that it’s like … it doesn’t even upset you,” she said. “My mother is like, ‘Nobody’s talking about my grandbaby! My grandbaby’s not even here yet!’ I’m like, ‘Calm down, Mom! It’s okay, it’s really silly,’” Queen B laughed.”So my mom is really protective, and so is my sister. But I’m cool. It’s so ridiculous and over the top.”

Couric had to ask about hubby Jay-Z’s feelings about being a dad. So is he excited? “You can only imagine,” Beyonce beamed. “And then multiply that. It’s like the time can’t come fast enough. I want to hold the baby!”

Beyonce remains typically mum about the gender and due date of the baby. When Couric pressed to find out if Queen B was having a prince or a princess — even throwing poor pal Kelly Rowland under the bus for slipping — Beyonce gave a cartoonish look and simply said, “Hmmmm?”

One thing Beyonce was happy to mention? How excited she is to be a mom. “The best thing is knowing that my favorite person in the world — I haven’t met them yet. And hopefully I’m going to pass on things that generations of my family have passed on to me.”

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