It's happened time and time again, professional celebrities singing the national anthem at major events and they end up flubbing the words somehow. The only way to make sure they are perfect and sung pitch perfect is by pre-recording them and that's exactly what Beyonce did yesterday during the Presidential inauguration ceremony in Washington, D.C.

Beyonce lip synched the words to the national anthem while on stage. She made us feel like there was something wrong at one point during the performance by ripping out her earpiece. However, today it was confirmed that her entire performance wasn't live at all, it was lip synched!

The Master Sergeant of the Marine Corp Band, Kristin DuBois, whose band backed Beyonce's performance, said to The Times on Monday, the decision to go with the lip synched performance was called right before the appearance began. The band had practiced with Beyonce and one of the practices was recorded and was going to be used as a "just in case something happens technically" to back up the singers live performance, but that wasn't the case. The recording was aired after a conscience decision was made. The public didn't know what was happening however, those in the press box right below the Marine Corp. band knew it, because the band was pretending to play their instruments!

There was also another hint to that it was lip synched because of Beyonce's Instagram account! She posted pictures of her in a recording studio holding sheet music for the anthem!

How do you feel about this? Does it offend you that she did not perform the national anthem live? Leave your comments in the comment section below.