Today, Jan. 21, was a huge day for President Barack Obama. Not only was he officially sworn in for his second term of service in the highest office of government in the United States, but he also opened for Beyonce. Yeah, that's right.

Obama was inducted into office again, where he gave an impassioned speech about his goals, agendas and initiatives for his second term ... and then gave the stage over to the singers and the poets, like Bey, who performed a stellar rendition of the national anthem in the bitter cold Washington, D.C. air.

Actually, it was Bey who closed the ceremonies, performing after Kelly Clarkson and poet Richard Blanco, both of whom delivered beautiful tributes in the form of song and poetry.

Bey was accompanied by the U.S. Marine Band and was visibly emotional as she held the mic to her lips to sing the song. She delivered a flawless rendition vocally. But she seemed to be having a problem with the equipment and the sound, as she ripped out her inner ear monitor mid-song and flung it away. Nothing would get in the way of her delivering a perfect rendition of 'The Star-Spangled Banner' for her president.

No line flubs. No liberties with the lyrics or melodies. She delivered a loyal version. She did add a little flourish at the end of the song, and ended like the diva she is by giving a little wink and flip of the hair.

Oh, and btw, expectant father Kanye West was not there, ready to be called a "jacka--" for the third time by the commander-in-chief.

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