Leave it up to Big Al to blow up social media by posting a pic of he and his potential new girlfriend!

Whiskey Neat is what they're calling her, Big Al's potential new girlfriend. Last night Big Al stirred things up on social media when he posted a photo with his potential new girlfriend. Some are wondering if things are beginning to become serious between the new found friends or is he trying to make Dr. Girlfriend jealous, since she's moved on with a new relationship!

All this week Kellie has been giving advice to those seeking it about their relationship in Love Letters To Kellie. In this best of audio clip, Kellie gives some tough love to someone that is married to a habitual cheater.

And if you're looking for some advice in your relationship, all you need to do is write to Kellie, the love expert, online and she could be telling you what you need to hear or giving you some options on your situation. Tell Kellie about your situation here.

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