Billy Eichner is back on the street, but probably not the one you’re expecting. Just one day after it was announced that the Billy on the Street star would bring his mysterious tank tops to American Horror Story, Eichner again pops up in a strange place: Sesame Street!

Sesame Street released an extended new clip from Billy Eichner’s recent guest spot, as the manic Billy on the Street energy gets scaled back a bit to fit the Sesame Workshop set. Nonetheless, Eichner and Cookie Monster get to play “For a Cookie” (as opposed to “For a Dollar”), and we’ll give you three guess who gets a cookie last.

For its part, Billy on the Street Season 5 concluded this past January, and is awaiting renewal for a sixth season. Get your fix with “Billy on the Sesame Street” above, and catch Sesame Street episodes on HBO, before their PBS debut.

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