As a man, I can agree that the burden of birth control has fallen on women for far too long.  Maybe it's because the burden of single parenthood is dis-proportionally heavy on them so some men can see it as "their" problem, or maybe it's something else entirely.  Regardless, there have been many options for preventing pregnancy made available to women over the years while men have had condoms and vasectomy.  That's why I fully support the research and testing now being done in order to find a chemical (pill, shot, salve, or whatever) solution to this issue.

That being said, I am not excited about the new male birth-control shot that just passed clinical trials.  Why?  Because the injection site apparently has to be the crotch.  According to a report by the NYPOST, the Indian Council of Medical Research has developed a polymer that when injected directly into the penis will provide effective birth control for 13 years!  The treatment has an incredible success rate of 97.3% and has been tested on over 300 subjects with zero side effects.

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