Social media can totally be seen as the 'high-light reel' for most people, so when celebrities get real with us - they become so much more endearing. That's how I feel about Blake Lively's recent post.

She shared on instagram two photos of herself captioned with, "Thanksgiving: EXPECTATION vs REALITY...."

The first photo shows her seated at a table prepared for a feast surrounded by well-dressed party-goers, while she is seen seated dressed in a stunning Versace gown at the annual New York City Met Gala 2018.

The following photo shows her surrounded by food in the backseat of a car, with her jeans unbuttoned, little make-up and her eyes closed. The two photos next to one another are hilarious. We all want to look our best, but few of us get the opportunity to be done up like a movie star attending a fancy ball... all of us can relate that fantasy and the actual reality.

It's nice to celebrities not taking themselves too seriously!

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