Photos of Blink-182 drummer (and reality TV star) Travis Barker in his tattoo-covered birthday suit have leaked to the web. He is already threatening legal action, claiming the private photos are five years old and were never intended to be made public and need to be taken down on the quick.

Barker appears to be engaging in a little extracurricular activity by actually posing with his man parts on full display. We already were well aware of the fact that Barker is one of the best drummers working today. But judging from the censored photos, which were posted here, we will also say that he is in shape and has some nice black and grey ink, like that radio on his belly and the lady who is perched behind it.

It’s worth mentioning that this X-rated photo leak may be a bit embarrassing for Barker, since he has young children. This is not the kind of thing that most parents like to deal with, whether their kids see it or if those surrounding their children catch wind of it.

When you are a celeb with tons of fans, it’s more of a “fair game” situation, but when you are a parent, it’s not fun to face this drama. We hope Barker gets this situation all squared away.

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