I have been here in East Texas for about a week now and I must say I am enjoying myself.  However, I did have those jitters like being the new kid at school and wondering if your fellow classmates’ think you’re cool enough to hang with.  Well, I got my answer today when I was invited by my fellow coworkers Lucky Larry, & Mandee Montana from our sister station Mix 93.1 along with our Production Manager Don for lunch this afternoon at Jersey Mike’s Subs.


The setting was great as we all shared stories about our careers and even some personal stories, but I have come to find out that our lunch was extra special.  Today March 29th is the 7th Annual Month of Giving and Jersey Mike’s Subs restaurants will donate 100 percent of sales to fund neighborhood needs.  During this fundraising campaign Jersey Mike’s Subs, has supported nearly 150 local charities across the nation.  Jersey Mike’s CEO Peter Cancro said “The opportunities to give are all around us so please seek out your opportunity to give and make a difference.”


So, at the end of lunch I can officially say I was allowed to sit at the cool table, establish new friendships, and support a worthy cause.  If you want more information about Jersey Mike’s month of giving, go to their website at www.jerseymikes.com

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